Rodin Wing


It is as if you are strolling in a park of sculptures. Rugbyball-shaped glass roof takes in natural sunlight here. From the entrance which is on the second floor, you can overlook the entire space. On the stepfloors, thirty-two Rodin sculptures are displayed. They include the famous piece,'The Gates of Hell'.
Auguste Rodin(1840-1917)

Born of the family of a lower official of the Paris Police Department. Abandond academic status at the age of 14. He tried to become a monk but gave up the next year. Later, studied under Carier=Belleuse. During his trip to Italy, he discovered his own way of life as he studied Donatello and Michelangero. By the turn of the century, he had become a founder of modern sculpture with his powerful energy and boldness.

List of Works at Rodin Wing

The 19th Century French Sculpture Before Rodin(At Rodin Wing)

Development of the human-body sculptures(After Rodin)

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